Our small stature is to our advantage.

Instead of a flagship beer, we offer a rotating selection of hoppy and Belgian-style ales, giving you a new beer to try each time you walk in the door. We believe in not taking ourselves too seriously and quirky names that make you laugh when you order. We believe in building a strong community, through our local artists featured on the walls, our regulars that turn into friends, and beer servers that turn into family. Our brewery is our life, our passion and our dream. We love what we do and feel privileged to do it and hope that love shines through with our product.


We like to party! If you like to frequent breweries, you probably do as well. New artist on the wall? Come by and meet them with our Art Release Parties. Holiday coming up? Let’s get some live music playing and celebrate! It’s our anniversary? You know we want you to help us revel in that feat! We can almost always find a reason to enjoy ourselves and we want you to be there to celebrate as well.
Brewing on a 15-barrel system allows us to develop a new recipe every time we brew. Creating small batches gives us the opportunity to experiment with different hop varieties and yeasts, fostering distinctive nuances in each beer. Our hoppy beers tend to be dry and aromatic while our Belgian style ales differ depending on the yeast strains we utilize. We want you to have a deliciously refreshing Pilsner in the summer, and a thick Stout to warm you from the inside out in the winter. We are currently working on our sour and barrel aged program as an exciting addition to our line up, but as with most great things, they take time and patience.


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We ran out of beer! The new brewhouse is online and we are busy filling the fermenters. We will reopen on August 31 at noon and will finally be able to fill Growlers and Crowlers. Thank you for all of your support!

❤️ Coop Crew